5-Year Operation Plan

Learn how Zambezi Restauration Fund (ZRF) uses Aposphere Insight to implement their 5-year operation plan.

ZRF’s planning process includes 5-year strategic goals as well as more detailed 1-year goals.

Goals are evaluated individually using data-driven indicators or through manual assessments ensuring alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). If changes are required within a planning cycle, the team has the flexibility to request and discuss adaptations.

Aposphere Insight is selected for its capacity to model the organization's specific strategic framework and its collaborative capabilities, as well as change tracking and approval workflows. This enables seamless collaboration and efficient management of modifications throughout the planning process.


A dynamic live dashboard consolidates pertinent information onto a single page, fostering a shared understanding among executives and team members.

This dashboard provides an overview of the 5-year operation spanning 2016-2021, showcasing two overarching 5-year goals comprising multiple 1-year goals for enhanced control and granularity. Each goal is individually assessed using either manual evaluations or data-driven indicators, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of progress. The dashboard reflects the state of affairs as of January 2020.


The collaborative management of the 5-year operation plan is facilitated through Aposphere Insight's user-friendly editor.

Clear responsibilities are assigned to individuals or teams for each goal, ensuring accountability. The context-based discussion feature consolidates inputs from various stakeholders in a centralized location, safeguarding valuable insights from potential personnel changes during the planning cycle.

Goals are linked to one or multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to classify their expected impact.

The inclusion of 1-year goals allows for more detailed planning within each 5-year goal, providing a finer level of granularity.

The evaluation of both 1-year and 5-year goals can be performed manually by entering performance data or automatically through linked data sources such as field data or survey results. This approach enables comprehensive and objective assessments of goal progress.


In a rapidly changing world, it is evident that a 5-year plan seldom remains static throughout its duration, necessitating adaptations.

To address this, ZRF conducts biannual sessions to assess the current situation. The team proposes necessary changes, which then undergo approval by the project's responsible authority.

To ensure transparency and traceability, all adaptations are meticulously tracked. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the plan's evolution over the course of the 5-year period, enabling stakeholders to effectively monitor and analyze the modifications made along the way.

This use case is based on a real project; however, names have been changed.

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