Annual Operation Plan

Discover how Zentira Technologies Inc., a multi-national company, employs Aposphere Insight for their annual operation planning.

Previously working with large Excel files, Zentira wanted to facilitate collaboration on a central information repository, increase engagement through user friendliness, and establish a live connection to existing CRM (Salesforce) and project management (Asana) tools.

Thanks to the comprehensive configurability of Aposphere Insight, Zentira can tailor the software to match their specific organizational workflows. This includes annual planning aligned with the fiscal year (ending in June), and goal assessment at the end of each quarter and fiscal year.

Zentira Technologies emphasizes Aposphere Insight's standout features: seamless data integration with existing systems for real-time insights, user-centric design for enhanced collaboration, and customizable modules that adapt to dynamic business needs.


Zentira's cockpit dashboard elegantly consolidates crucial information into a single, comprehensive view.

Key metrics: Key performance indicators (KPIs) are displayed at the forefront, ensuring vital metrics are consistently monitored.

Agile adaptation: The dashboard facilitates proactive long-term goal management, enabling swift identification and resolution of bottlenecks, and the agility to adapt strategies as needed.

Finance: Its financial data segment offers a transparent snapshot of the company's financial health.

Situational awareness: Tailored insights across various company divisions enhance overall operational awareness and decision-making efficiency.

Strategic Goals Editor

Intuitive Goal Setting: Zentira leverages the editor's user-friendly interface to clearly define and articulate strategic objectives, ensuring alignment with overarching corporate vision.

Dynamic Tracking & Management: Aposphere Insight allows Zentira to continuously track progress of goals through automated (or manually rated) KPIs, with features to adjust and update objectives as market conditions and company priorities evolve.

Collaborative Goal Alignment: Designed for cross-departmental synergy, the editor aids Zentira in aligning goals across various teams, fostering unified direction and collaborative effort. Compared to their previous Excel setup, the ZENTIRA team members find great value in the commenting and file sharing features within Aposphere Insight, as it allows them to keep all relevant information directly associated with individual goals and assessments. This streamlined approach ensures that pertinent information stays where it belongs. Additionally, the ability to assign team members to specific goals or assignments creates a clear delineation of responsibilities.

Role-based access control: Aposphere Insight provides user-specific access to different parts of the planning process, which was not possible with Excel. This feature enables enhanced security and ensures that the right individuals have appropriate access privileges based on their roles and responsibilities.

Reports Editor

Customized Reporting: Aposphere Insight empowers Zentira to automate reporting to different stakeholders, from the CEO to the R&D Manager. Each report covers the specific informational needs and strategic focus of each role, providing relevant, actionable insights.

Automated Report Generation: Transforming the previously manual and time-consuming process, Zentira now sets up each report configuration just once. Subsequently, reports are rendered automatically, saving significant time and ensuring consistent data analysis.

Live Data Integration: Leveraging real-time data from diverse sources such as Salesforce and Asana, the editor equips Zentira with current insights essential for dynamic decision-making.

No-code user-centric design: With its intuitive interface, the editor enables Zentira's teams to easily assemble complex reports, making data-driven insights accessible and actionable for all levels of the organization.

What if there was no Aposphere Insight?

Before adopting Aposphere Insight, Zentira's Annual Operation Plan relied heavily on Excel files. This method, while familiar, presented significant limitations:

  • Lack of Integration: The Excel-based system couldn't integrate with critical tools like Salesforce and Asana, hindering data synchronization and comprehensive analysis.
  • Collaboration Challenges: Without real-time collaboration features, team coordination was cumbersome, leading to inefficiencies and potential data discrepancies.
  • Limited Access Control: Excel offered minimal control over data access, posing risks to data security and management.

The transition to Aposphere Insight marked a significant leap forward:

  • Strategic Agility: Aposphere Insight enables Zentira to continuously adapt strategic plans to the rapidly changing environment instead of relying on lengthy planning cycles.
  • Collaborative Planning: The platform enables real-time collaboration, breaking down silos and improving strategic planning across departments.
  • Workflow Automation: It streamlines processes with automated workflows, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in executing Zentira's operational plans, surpassing the capabilities of Excel.

This use case is based on a real project; however, names have been changed.

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