Business Strategy Development

CCYD Consulting Inc. leverages Aposphere Insight to collaboratively develop successful business strategies with their clients.

Aposphere Insight serves as a centralized platform that brings together the planning of long-term strategic goals and shorter-term initiatives.

The workplan module within Aposphere Insight enables the assessment of work progress on various initiatives. Data-driven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are utilized to evaluate the performance of the goals, providing valuable insights into their effectiveness.

For CCYD Consulting Inc., the visual strategy diagrams offered by Aposphere Insight serve as an effective tool to actively engage clients in a structured approach to business strategy development. This visual representation aids in fostering rapid understanding, communication, and alignment between CCYD and their clients throughout the strategy formulation process.

Strategic goals and short-term initiatives in an agile adaptation loop

CCYD Consulting Inc. understands the importance of adapting to their clients' unique terminology and working culture. In most management frameworks, a distinction is made between long-term strategic goals (objectives, targets, …, depending on the terminology) and more concrete shorter-term initiatives (projects, campaigns, actions, …, depending on the terminology).

The performance of each strategic goal is evaluated using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are defined with baseline and target values. Aposphere Insight's DataHub allows for automated performance calculation by connecting these KPIs to relevant data sources.

Initiatives, being more tangible than goals, represent the specific work required to achieve the defined objectives. Work packages and tasks are associated with each initiative to monitor work progress effectively.

CCYD Consulting Inc. supports their clients through multiple strategy iterations. Instead of starting from scratch each time, they leverage Aposphere Insight's unique adaptation workflows, which include change tracking and detailed history, to develop their clients' strategies.

Initiatives are continuously refined based on the latest KPI assessments, ensuring that the entire company's efforts are aligned towards achieving the strategic goals. This iterative approach helps in achieving success through ongoing optimization and strategic alignment.

Intuitive editor

CCYD uses Aposphere Insight’s intuitive editor to define long-term strategic goals for each company planning level.

Baseline and target on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) evaluate the performance of each goal. KPIs are connected to live data sources through Aposphere Insight’s DataHub, allowing for automated performance evaluation.

Short-term initiatives and their associated work packages and tasks are also managed in Aposphere Insight.

The live connection between shorter-term project management and longer-term strategic goals ensures ongoing alignment and continual advancement towards company goals achievement.

Strategy Diagram

Aposphere Insight establishes a connection between shorter-term project management and long-term strategic goals.

Causal dependencies are visualized using Aposphere Insight's diagramming tool, where work is carried out on initiatives (depicted in blue) to impact the performance of goals (depicted in purple). In simpler terms, it represents the cause (blue) leading to the effect (purple).

The performance of each strategic goal (purple) is assessed through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), with baseline and target values defined for measurement.

Actions (blue) represent the necessary work required to achieve the defined goals. Work packages and tasks are associated with each action, enabling effective monitoring of work progress.

This unique and comprehensive view allows CCYD to easily demonstrate the relationship between specific actions and the company's strategic goals. It also highlights areas that require further development, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Personalized Dashboards: Relevant information for everyone

Aposphere Insight offers personalized dashboards that present pertinent information in a clear and easily accessible manner. Depending on the viewer's role, the displayed information can vary based on contextual relevance.

Depending on the viewer's role, the displayed information can vary based on contextual relevance.

Executive dashboards provide real-time information and updates on the entire company's performance, conveniently consolidating key data in one central location. Recognizing the value of time, Aposphere Insight enables executives to direct their attention where it is most essential.

For employees, the home screen displays currently active tasks along with related relevant information.

Aligning employees with the company's overarching strategic goals enhances their engagement and fosters a shared understanding and common awareness of the organization's objectives and mission achievement.

Full Configurability

CCYD collaborates with diverse clients, each with their unique operational management frameworks, terminology and processees.

To cater to this diversity, CCYD chose Aposphere Insight due to its seamless configurability (No-Code Approach). With just a push of a button, Aposphere Insight can be easily tailored to align with any client's existing operative management frameworks, eliminating the need for extensive coding or complex and expensive adjustments.

This approach eliminates the need for imposing additional unfamiliar terms, frameworks, and processes on the client’s work culture. Instead, it enables the seamless integration of the client's specific operational management framework, terminology and processes, ensuring a smooth and cohesive implementation.

This use case is based on a real project; however, names have been changed.

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