Use Cases

Aposphere presents a selection of possible use cases with various requirements and targeting a broad spectrum of pain points.

Business Strategy Development

CCYD Consulting Inc.

Visualization of causal relations between actions and goals. Work progress on actions is assessed using the workplan module, and data-driven Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to evaluate the performance of the goals.

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Annual Operation Plan

Zentira Technologies Inc.

Collaborative annual planning with strategic goal monitoring and automated stakeholder reporting, integrated with Salesforce CRM and Asana project management.

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ESG Reporting

VitaGen Biotech Ltd.

Yearly reporting on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of the company using data-driven indicators.

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Annual Operation Plan (NGO)

Wildlife Africa Fund

Collaborative annual planning using a proprietary management framework, including connections to Salesforce finance data and other external data sources.

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5-Year Operation Plan

Zambesi Restauration Fund

5-year strategic goals and finer-grain 1-year goals evaluated through data-driven indicators. Custom approval workflows for agile adaptation.

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Results-Based Project Management

Chemical Pollution Disaster

Agile task management in the workplan module and impact evaluation through indicators.

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Nature Conservation Strategy

Hawksbill Turtles Project

Data-driven strategic planning according to widely used planning standards in the nature conservation community.

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Impact Tracing and Transparency

Applied Business Model Canvas

Risk Management

Enterprise Performance Measurement

Results-Based Budgeting

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© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved